6 Months Later

FADE IN, SUPER: 6 Months Later…

Interior. Anna’s Bedroom – Mid-afternoon

We find Anna, once again spinning around on her desk chair. Her hair is longer and has been dye back to its natural colour – dark brown. She frowns as she inspects her fingernails, they’re a mess – some long, some bitten, a large band-aid covers one fingertip underneath it a cat scratch. She stops spinning to face her laptop, her hands poised above the keyboard. She yawns and begins to type…

Okay, yes, 6 months (or thereabouts) is quite a long hiatus and most *hem hem* all of you have probably forgotten who I am.
I’m that girl who had the lame and somewhat vain idea of discovering her “Style” (read the post here).
Basically long story short, I’ve started. I bought some new jeans, ones that are actually flattering to my figure! picked-up a couple of shirts, a pair of runners and was gifted a pineapple patterned jumpsuit. The latter of those I am yet to wear (it’s been a tad cold).
All in all I’m quite pleased with my purchases, I realised my main problem was actually spending money – *cough tight-arse cough* – explanation: I’m a uni student.
One thing about these purchases that I’m quite proud of is their quality; the shirts are both cotton, the jeans have some stretch in them so they should last a while, and the runners are really well made. Plus they all got the “mum seal of approval”, unlike the ginger hair-dyeing experience of October 2014…

Now I must confess, I really don’t think I have the burning passion to just write about shopping adventures.
So if you stick with me, I fully intend to write about a multitude of topics…eventually. I should have some posts up in the next couple of months…


Currently listening to: Years & Years, their whole album ‘Communion’ is absolutely amazing. I don’t think I’ve liked an artist/bands complete album since Adele’s ’21’.
Check out their album of Spotify.