Style: The (short) introduction.


Interior. Inner city house – A bedroom – NIGHT

Anna, an Australian born 20-something university student, yawns loudly before spinning around on her desk chair to face her open wardrobe. She sighs.

I have no style. Okay well, maybe that’s not entirely true. I have some sort of fashion style, just not a coherent, easily definable one. Which is what I want, I want to know when I enter a store what would look good on me, what colours suit my hair and skin tone, which clothing cuts suit my body shape, what patterns and prints will flatter me.
I know, total first world problem, but then again embracing the first world where I have the opportunity and time to discover the art of dressing ones self well, why not?

What is my current higgledy piggledy style made up of? I’d call it comfortable and casual. Denim shorts (usually dark blue) with a t-shirt (usually white) it works but it’s not stylish. As I said I’m comfortable in it, a little too comfortable, I don’t want that anymore I want to step outside the shorts and t-shirt uniform. I’m not going to ditch it completely, just mix it up a bit.

So among other things, I want to document this somewhat vain “style journey”, join me?


Currently listening to (bet you didn’t see this coming):


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