6 Months Later

FADE IN, SUPER: 6 Months Later…

Interior. Anna’s Bedroom – Mid-afternoon

We find Anna, once again spinning around on her desk chair. Her hair is longer and has been dye back to its natural colour – dark brown. She frowns as she inspects her fingernails, they’re a mess – some long, some bitten, a large band-aid covers one fingertip underneath it a cat scratch. She stops spinning to face her laptop, her hands poised above the keyboard. She yawns and begins to type…

Okay, yes, 6 months (or thereabouts) is quite a long hiatus and most *hem hem* all of you have probably forgotten who I am.
I’m that girl who had the lame and somewhat vain idea of discovering her “Style” (read the post here).
Basically long story short, I’ve started. I bought some new jeans, ones that are actually flattering to my figure! picked-up a couple of shirts, a pair of runners and was gifted a pineapple patterned jumpsuit. The latter of those I am yet to wear (it’s been a tad cold).
All in all I’m quite pleased with my purchases, I realised my main problem was actually spending money – *cough tight-arse cough* – explanation: I’m a uni student.
One thing about these purchases that I’m quite proud of is their quality; the shirts are both cotton, the jeans have some stretch in them so they should last a while, and the runners are really well made. Plus they all got the “mum seal of approval”, unlike the ginger hair-dyeing experience of October 2014…

Now I must confess, I really don’t think I have the burning passion to just write about shopping adventures.
So if you stick with me, I fully intend to write about a multitude of topics…eventually. I should have some posts up in the next couple of months…


Currently listening to: Years & Years, their whole album ‘Communion’ is absolutely amazing. I don’t think I’ve liked an artist/bands complete album since Adele’s ’21’.
Check out their album of Spotify.


Style: The (short) introduction.


Interior. Inner city house – A bedroom – NIGHT

Anna, an Australian born 20-something university student, yawns loudly before spinning around on her desk chair to face her open wardrobe. She sighs.

I have no style. Okay well, maybe that’s not entirely true. I have some sort of fashion style, just not a coherent, easily definable one. Which is what I want, I want to know when I enter a store what would look good on me, what colours suit my hair and skin tone, which clothing cuts suit my body shape, what patterns and prints will flatter me.
I know, total first world problem, but then again embracing the first world where I have the opportunity and time to discover the art of dressing ones self well, why not?

What is my current higgledy piggledy style made up of? I’d call it comfortable and casual. Denim shorts (usually dark blue) with a t-shirt (usually white) it works but it’s not stylish. As I said I’m comfortable in it, a little too comfortable, I don’t want that anymore I want to step outside the shorts and t-shirt uniform. I’m not going to ditch it completely, just mix it up a bit.

So among other things, I want to document this somewhat vain “style journey”, join me?


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